Tree Care

Tree Care

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Tree Caring Tips

tree careNot very many people are aware of the fact that like flowers trees also need to be cared and tended for to ensure that they are healthy and grow well. Most people just assume that trees can take care of themselves but this is normally not the case. Like any other plant trees if they are to grow well they need to be taken care of.

Some of the ways one can take care of trees include, providing the tree with mulch. Mulch is beneficial to trees in a multitude of ways such as insulating the soil that ensures the tree’s surrounding soil is protected from heat and cold temperatures that are normally detrimental to the trees health. This also aids in the tree’s surrounding soil retaining water and ensuring the tree is hydrated. Mulch also ensure that there are no weeds growing around the tree’s surrounding soil, this ensures that the tree’s roots don’t get competition from the weeds hence the tree can soak up the required nutrients.

A tree should also be constantly watered for the weather as we know it is usually really capricious and the tree needs to be hydrated in order for it to be in good health, though there are some drought resistant species of trees it is always advisable to water a tree regularly.

One should also ensure that their tree gets pruning. The subject of tree pruning is normally one filled with mystery for normally one doesn’t know when to really prune a tree. There are also the aspect of pruning for different reasons. Pruning in order to get rid of dead wood can be done at any moment. One can also have pruning done during winter for the tree is normally dormant due to the harsh climatic conditions but if pruning is done well during winter after the winter passes this can result in an exponential burst of new growth. One can also have pruning done during the summer for this goes a long way towards guiding the tree how you want it to grow and also to deal with defective limbs.

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